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Long Xietao from Beijing University had giving a report in CQUPT (2006)
Time: 2010-10-11   

In response to the invitation, professor Long Xietao from Beijing University had given a significant humanity report, and has been entitled as the part-time professor from CQUPT.

The director of Party Commission Xu Zhongwei hosted the lecture, and all the personnel concerned attended the report. The President Nie Neng awarded the part-time professor certificate to Long before it begins.

Long Xietao, is the professor of Chinese Language Department in Beijing University, doctor tutor, former editor of Beijing University Journal (humanities), board president of China Humanities Journal. He is also known as the counsel members of senior professional technology grading counsel Commission, and evaluation expert on amous journal, excellent volume?project of Education Department.

Prof. Long, in the report, gave a brief introduction to recent development of periodicals on domestic literature and philosophy. Special attention is given to how to cognize the style and mentality of the journal, and how to publicize more academic article with a focus. Long Xietao has also given some advice on how to innovate in essay writing from the viewpoint of theory and methodology.

In the afternoon meeting, Long has brought about many cogent suggestion on the development of Journal on social and scientific version. After that he inscribed to wish the CQUPT Journal and CQUPT a better future.