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Professor Hu Huosheng from the University of Essex Visited Our University and Presented a Lecture(20...
Time: 2010-10-11   

On the 9th October 2006, at the invitation of Professor Zhang Yi from Automation College, Professor Hu Huosheng, a doctoral supervisor at the University of Essex, paid a three-day academic visit to our university. During his visit, he gave a lecture about the research and development of bionic intelligent robots on the evening of 10th October for teachers and students in our university.

This lecture was hosted by Professor Zhang Yi, director of The Intelligent Robot Research Institute of the Automation College. In the lecture, Professor Hu Huosheng introduced robots research work from different angles such as background information and development history. Then he explained the cooperation of research work in this field with his international counterparts including Professor Zhang Yi of our university. Professor Hu gave the lecture bilingually with patience and care. He also presented lively videos and bionic comparison to make the abstruse robot knowledge easy to understand for the under graduates and post graduates present.After the lecture, Professor Hu gave elaborate answers to questions from the audience.

This lecture belongs to a series of activities of 揟he Post Graduate Forum? Its purpose is to improve academic communication and cooperation between our university and prestigious universities at home and abroad, enrich students?extracurricular technical and cultural activities and cultivate their innovation quality.It is said that many similar academic lectures will be held at the Automation College.