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The Eleventh Students Science and Technology Culture Festival & Innovative Undertaking Carnival Is Opened Over 200 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects Are Exhibited Collectively
Time: 2016-11-01   

CQUPT News (provided by Luo Jing from the League Committee, and edited by He Jiang)VR Motion Sensing Robots, Smart trash cans... The afternoon of October 31 witnessed the grand opening of the CQUPT's Eleventh Students Science and Technology Culture Festival & Innovative Undertaking Carnival held in theCoveredSportsField, with the theme of “InnovationDrivesDevelopment,andEntrepreneurship Shapes theFuture”. Meanwhile, more than 200 innovation and entrepreneurship projects, including the invention and creation of software and hardware science & technology from students were exhibited collectively.

Our university’s leaders Li Lin, You Minhui, Lin Jinchao, Fu Mingqiu, Liu Yanbing and Chen Qianbin attended and co-unveiled for the Science and Technology Culture Festival & Innovative Undertaking Carnival opening ceremony. VicePresident Liu Yanbing acted as the host.


The Opening Ceremony of CQUPT’s Eleventh Students Science and Technology Culture Festival & Innovative Undertaking Carnival.(Photo by JournalistLi Yangjie )

President Li Lin pointed out in his speech that students' extracurricular academic activities, activities in science and technology, as well as education in innovation and entrepreneurship had long been their powerful handle and outstanding innovation point in the process ofthe deep implement of college students'quality-oriented education, and had achieved great success. In 2015, over 700 innovation and entrepreneurship teams, containing near 5,000 students were organized to take part in innovation and entrepreneurship education activities, gaining 148 prizes at the national- and provincial-level, which ranked ahead among the municipal colleges and universities.

Li Lin stressed that students' extracurricular academic activities, activities in science and technology, and innovation & entrepreneurship carnival activities were pivotal carriers for improving students' practicable ability and developing their innovation ability,and theywere key education platforms with characteristics of theuniversity. We must take developing students' professional qualities, innovation awareness and creativity as our goal, and make efforts to conduct extracurricular science and technology innovation activities.

Li Lin underlinedthat we should attachthe importanceto extracurricular scientific innovation as an important way of improving their professional capabilities and competence,and, therefore,most students should take part in at least one innovation activity, that these extracurricular scientific and innovative activitiesshould beserved as an important way to enhance the comprehensive qualities of students, from which they could learn cooperation, unity and strong willpower, that these campus activitiescouldalso provide a major platform for students to combine theory with practice, and that its goal was to consolidate their innovative spirit and enhance their real experience, thus promoting the transformation from scientific and intellectual talents to innovative and practical ones. Li Lin told students of CQUPT that, embraced by the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, we should develop a way of innovative thinking, by which we could change the world and create the future.

Xu Lijuan, an excellent undergraduate from School of Law, and Li Qing, a preeminent teacher fromSchool of Automation were chosen as the representatives to deliver speechesat the opening ceremony.


After the ceremony, participating leaders, teachers and students were taken to visit the exhibition of students’ innovative and entrepreneurial achievements. Over 200 works were displayed, including scientific inventions of software and hardware, thesesin natural science, writings and investigation reportsin philosophy and social science as well as some start-ups items.


The university’s leaderstour theexhibition. (Photo by JournalistXing Ping)

It was reported that the cultural festival of science and technology and carnival of innovative undertaking would be held for three months. It was divided into three parts, competitions, lectures and exchange of experiences, extracurricular and academic competitions, containing a series of activities such as innovative and entrepreneurial exhibitions, high-end forums of innovation and enterprise open day.

Heads ofthe university’s relative departments and schools, competitors and some student representativesparticipated in the activity.