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CQUPT Holds the 5th International Conference of Communication, Signal Processing and System
Time: 2016-10-25   

CQUPT News (provided by School ofCommunications and Information Engineering,andedited by He Jiang)From Oct 21thto 22th,, the 5tnInternational Conference of Communication, Signal ProcessingandSystem was held successfully in our university, which was launched by IEEE and hosted by Tianjin Normal University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the University of Texas at Arlington, University of ElectronicScience and Technology, and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Leading experts and scholarsin the field of communication network at home and abroad participated in the conference, having in-depth discussion on the front problem and recent research about signal processing and system.

Vice President & Professor Liu Yanbin of CQUPT, Vice President Wang Qun of Tianjin Normal University, Professor Gao Xuejing of American One Thousand Plan, Professor Lin Shu, the member of IEEE, two professors from England, Tariq and Durrani, Professor Liu Baoding of Tsinghua University, three professors from Korea, JEONGHWAN JEON, Taekon Kim and JinhwanKoh all attended the conference.

As an international and high-level academic conference, it serves as a communication platform for experts and scholarsat home and abroad who have dedicated themselves to the research of CSPS year after year. This year the accepted theses would be chosen from all over the world and be discussed by 10 different technical conferences. The direction of theses concerns wireless communication, radar technology, wireless network, coding, encryption and algorithmic design, mobile communication, localization and tracking, optical communications, digital signal processing, pattern recognition, deep learning and learning automata, digital images and video processing, circuit processing system and system design.

7 monographic seminars, 4 specially invited lectures and the workshop on China-ROK relation were held hereat the two-day meeting, during which those domestically or internationally well-known punditswereengaged in the dialogue.

As a co-chairman,Professor Tian Zengshan and his teams fully participatedinand ensured the smooth process of the meeting.


CQUPTholds the 5th International Conference of Communication Signal Processing System.

(Photo by JournalistTang Wangcai)


Conference Group Photo (Photo by Journalist Tang Wangcai)