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CQUPT Holds the 2nd National Conference of the Technology and Application of the Internet of Things & the 11th National Conference of Radio Application and Management
Time: 2016-12-13   

December 10 witnessed the 2nd National Conference of the Technology and Application of the Internet of Things & the 11th NCRAM held at Academic Hall in Shaw Science & Technology Building of CQUPT, which, by the joint guidance of the Radio Management Bureau of MIIT, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, Chongqing Communications Administration, were jointly undertaken by Committee of the Internet of things and Committee of RAM under the China Institute of Communications, CQUPT and NJUPT.

Vice Chairman Jiang Ping of the Chongqing CPPCC, Secretary Yi Xueqing of the China Institute of Communications and Vice Director Cheng Jinxing of the National Radio Monitoring Centre attended the conference and made speeches, and President Li Lin gave the welcoming remarks. Academicians Cai Tianyou and Yu Quan from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Wu Peiheng from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shen Shuzhang, Director of the Advisory Committee of Management Expertise of the Electromagnetic Spectrum of all the armed forces attended the conference and delivered invited talks.Guests attended were government leaders including Vice Secretary Luo De of the Chongqing’s People’s Government, Director Guo Jian of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, Director Cai Lizhi of Chongqing Communications Administration, Vice President Xu Qing of Chongqing Science and Technology Committee, and Director Jiang Yunfang of the Science & Technology Department of Chongqing Education Commission; andleaders from peer colleges and universities including President Fan Jiulun of XUPT, Director Zhang Yinghai of the Academic Council of BUPT and former Vice President Zhu Hongbo of NUPT, as well as CQUPT leaders Lin Jinchao, Cheng Qianbin and former leader Li Yinguo. Besides, about 200 people attended the conference, which included members from the Committee of the Internet of things and Committee of RAM under the China Institute of Communications, leaders and experts in industry, science & technology, management institutions in the fields of national radio and Internet of Things, and representatives from different sectors.

On behalf of teachers and students of CQUPT, President Li Lin showed welcome to all guests attended and thanked relevant sectors for their support. Li Lin said that this conference was held in response to such national strategy demands as “Made in China 2025”, “Internet Plus” and “Innovation-driven Development”. This conference will definitely further promote the collaborative innovation and collaborative innovation of the application and technology of the Internet of Things; promote the construction of laws and regulations in the management of the radio and the efficient utilization of spectrum resources in sectors. Besides, it had a significant meaning in promoting deep exchange and cooperation among the government, entrepreneurs and Academy of Science in the areas of technology of the Internet of Things and RAM, as well as the development of radio technology application and industry.


Speech of President Li Lin (Photographed and reported by Journalist Zheng Haowen)

At the opening ceremony, Yi Xueqing and Luo De jointly inaugurated the branch for the “Joint Innovation Center of the 5th Cloud Computing Network and Business Application Technology.” Jointly established by Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd., Western Branch of the CAICT and CQUPT, this Center would focus on the research of key technology in 5G Network, 5G business and the building of an application platform.

The one-day conference included 4 invited talks, 7 keynote speeches, 3 subforums about Radio Application and Management, Information Perception & Application of Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things & Intelligent Manufacturing, interviews and dialogues with 11 experts in the National Health Industry and Intelligent Life Summit Forum. Internet of Things and Wireless Communications Round Table Forum, etc. giving over 30 keynote speeches. Vice Presidents Lin Jinchao and Cheng Qianbin of CQUPT respectively held the Internet of Things & Radio Applications Keynote Speeches, and the Dialogues between Personnel Training of Internet of Things & Students' Innovation in Science and Technology, both of which received heated response.

During the conference, 6 universities (including CQUPT, BUPT, NUPT and XUPT) and 15 entrepreneurs, including China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd., Western Branch of the CAICT, Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., ZTE Net Message Service, and SWID, showed a number of the latest research progresses and application achievements in the areas of the Internet of Things and Radio, from chip to system, from technological innovation to product realization, and from prototype development to industry application.