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President Zhang Jian of China West Normal University and His Delegation Comes to CQUPT to Investigate and Survey
Time: 2016-11-11   

On the afternoon of November, 10th, President Zhang Jian ofChinaWest Normal Universityand his delegation came to our university to investigate and survey. President Li Lin and Vice President Liu Yanbing of CQUPT received them in Conference Room 203 of the Shaw Building and the two sides had a heated discussion about university’s reform and development. Directors of related functional departments attended the meeting.


President Zhang Jian was present at the investigation and survey meeting. Mr. Li Lin, on behalf of the Party and Administration of CQUPT, extended a warm welcome to President Zhang Jian and his delegation, and introduced the schooling scale, personnel nurturing and scientific research, and other aspects of CQUPT to the delegations present. President Li said, “CQUPT, as a university jointly developed by the Municipal Peoples’ Government and the Ministry of Education, vigorously grasped various important strategic opportunities for the national development in recent years, having made the schooling scale and arrangement reasonable. Upholding the strategy of strengthening the university through human resource development, the university put emphasis on talents nurturing, talents importing and the construction of teaching faculty, and regarded international development and open schooling as a vital instrumentality. In the aspect of scientific research, our university focused on the development of information industry, undertook significant specified projects at national level and participated in national major projects, which has achieved good results.” Li Lin added that this year is the first year of the “13thFive-Year Plan”, so we would comprehensively study and judge the situation and conduct our work under the requirement of the “13thFive-Year Plan”, in which we expected to strengthen exchanges and shares with China West Normal University.

President Zhang Jian extended gratitude to our university’s reception. He said that teachers and students of CQUPT had kept striving and pioneering in recent years, working hard to accelerate the construction of a prominent university fixed on advanced teaching research, and that all the undertakings had developed well, particularly the successful experience in talents nurturing and scientific research, which greatly inspired China West Normal University. He expressed that China West Normal University is at a critical point of development, that while some achievements had been made, problems still remained including the nurturing of teachers, cooperative schooling and opening up, recruitment, and employment. He regarded this visit as an important opportunity to get to know some relevant information of CQUPT, and to learn some ideas and methods, and that the two universities could continuously strengthen contact and communication.

After the meeting, President Zhang Jian and his delegation, accompanied by President Li Lin and Vice President Liu Yanbing, visited successively our service platform of recruitment and employment, International Students’ Building, getting to know the information of CQUPT’s recruitment, employment, open schooling, etc.