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Professor Wang Guoyin of CQUPT Is Elected Chairman of the Steering Committee of International Rough Set Society
Time: 2017-02-24   

CQUPT News (provided by School of Computer Science and Technology) Recently, the International Rough Set Society (IRSS) announced results of the general election (once every two years) launched at the end of 2016, and Professor Wang Guoyin was elected Chairman of the IRSS Steering Committee.

The International Rough Set Society is an international academic nonprofit organization that aims to provide academic exchanges on rough set theory and its application. It is composed of scientific and technical personnel engaged in rough set theory and related fields. CQUPT is one of the early units in our country to carry out rough set research. Professor Wang Guoyin is a scholar of the Society, and Professor Zhang Qinghua and Professor Yu Hong are senior members of the Society. Professor Wang Guoyin has been committed to the research of intelligent information processing for a long time, and achieved a number of achievements in rough set and particle calculation, knowledge discovery, cognitive computing, big data mining and other aspects. He has once served as chairman of the Advisory Committee of IRSS and director of the Society. Now, Professor Wang Guoyintakes up the key post of IRSS, which is a reflection that CQUPT has made important achievements on the scientific research, academic exchange and international cooperation in the field of rough set, promoting the academic status and academic influence of in rough set of our university.