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Chongqing university of posts and telecommunications school of marxism's predecessor is marxism-leninism teaching and research section (founded in 1959), the social sciences (founded in 1999), the ideological and political education college (founded in 2010) and the ideological and political theory course teaching research department (founded in 2011). Established in March 2014, the school school of marxism, consists of the ideological and political theory course actuarial-oriented, practice teaching center two teaching research institutions.

"Marxist theories" of the college first-level discipline is the key discipline of chongqing, school doctoral discipline construction. 2006 "the basic principle of marxism" and "ideological and political education" to award master's degree in two secondary discipline. In 2007, associate professor of ideological and political education subject for post PingYiQuan, and key subject, was identified as chongqing in 2011 to "excellent" rating by acceptance. In 2011 a masters degree level 1 discipline of "marxist theories" award, the same year was identified as the key subject of chongqing. In 2012 at the national level 1 discipline of "marxist theories" of the assessment of the 121 colleges and universities, the 39th juxtaposition. In 2015, the level 1 discipline of marxist theories get the associate professor position and professor position PingYiQuan.

Marxist theory disciplines focus on developing direction including: information and marxist theoretical innovation; Marxist theory and the study of contemporary social problems; Research on theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics; Marxism, times, the popularization of research; Study of contemporary world socialist; The network ideological and political education research; The network study of the problem of social development; The development process and basic experience of the communist party of China.

College degree with a title and reasonable structure, has a high level of teaching staff for teaching and scientific research. Subject existing mtcsol 52 people, including 12 professors, 22 associate professors; Dr 18 people; The ministry of education "national outstanding young ideological and political theory course in colleges and universities teacher merit subsidy scheme" list 1 people; 1 chongqing philosophy and social science talents; 3 technical academic leader in chongqing, the chongqing technical academic leader backup 2 people; Ideological and political theory courses in chongqing team and two members of the people; Chongqing social sciences expert panel member 6 people, 2 popular social science experts in chongqing. With three part-time tutor, master tutor of 24.

Over the past five years, the institute mtcsol obtained 18 national social science fund projects, 63 chaired provincial projects, funding and supporting scientific research funds and more than 700 ten thousand yuan. Published \"China's western research on the construction of a harmonious social culture support system, the network media, study of socialist core values, the network ideological and political education thoughts and other 23 works and in the research of marxism in the contemporary world and socialism", "scientific socialism" and so on important journals published more than 100. Related research results for the fourth one nomination of the ministry of culture; Chongqing social sciences outstanding achievements won 2 items, 4 items second prize, third prize 6 items. Won the first prize in the chongqing government development research award item 1, 2 items second prize, third prize four.

College, with the advantages in the school information discipline, focus on building of chongqing key research base of humanities and social sciences "network social development research center", for the construction of cooperation with the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of marxism "theory innovation base", the school of "ideological and political education under the new media environment research center" and "honest cultural education research center", "national college students' cultural quality education base". In the network ideological and political education research, information and the marxist theoretical innovation research, the construction of socialist political civilization with Chinese characteristics, the cultural construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the party's construction research and so on to form the edge features.