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School of Cyber Security and Informaiton Law

A Brief Introduction to

School of Cyberspace Security and Information Law

Since 1999, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications (CQUPT) has started to recruit undergraduates majoring in jurisprudence, information security, intellectual property onwards and postgraduates majoring in procedural law, having cultivated postgraduates and doctors majoring in information security since 2006. Seizing a significant opportunity for the national strategy of cyberspace security, CQUPT integrated the original School of Law with Information Security Department under School of Computer Science and Technology, and founded School of  Cyberspace Security and Information Law in November 2016.

School of Cyberspace   Security and Information Law strengthens the construction of disciplines and majors to run a school with characteristics. Adhering to the characteristic development road of closely combining information technology with jurisprudence, in the field of cyberspace security and network information law, it is committed to developing technology innovation, industry application and inter-disciplinary professional talents needed badly in industry. The existing Information Security has been one of the Chongqing Characteristic Specialties since 2011, and selected in Excellent Engineers Education Training Plan by the Ministry of Education since 2013; jurisprudence is one of the key disciplines in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Chongqing. Now the school recruits undergraduates under three majors, including information security, jurisprudence and intellectual property (of which jurisprudence and intellectual property are under the enrollment of law and science), and postgraduates of procedural law. Characteristic education has attracted so many students that there have been international graduates of information security.

The reform of teaching and education mode has produced more talents of innovation. The school is demand-oriented, seeking development based on characteristics, constructing a characteristic curriculum system, an experimental teaching platform, and a professional practice platform for cyberspace law and safety talents, organizing competitions to promote learning and teaching, and improving students’ ability to solve problems appearing in information era. In recent years, students have won some national gold awards, other 36 national awards and over 120 provincial awards in the “Challenge Cup” National Electronic Design Contest, China Undergraduates Entrepreneurship Plan Contest, National Undergraduates Extracurricular Academic Contest, National Information Security Contest, Network Attack and Defense Contest, Undergraduates Mathematical Modeling Contest, China “Internet plus” Undergraduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest and so on, in which two undergraduates have been chosen as One Hundred-Top Undergraduates by China Computer Society, and one has accomplished Chongqing Scientific and Technological Innovation Advanced Individual Award. The employment rate of its undergraduates majoring in information security is 97%, which fails to meet the demands; the average employment rate of its undergraduates majoring in jurisprudence is 94%, higher than the national average one; its postgraduate entrance examination rate is 29%, ranking in the forefront of other majors; the pass rate of National Judicial Qualification Examination is 26%, 9% higher than the national average rate.

The school has strengthened the construction of teaching staff and made scholars lead education. It has actively introduced and cultivated excellent teachers, assisting its personnel training and scientific research work. The number of faculty is 52, including 12 professors, 11 associate professors, 2 doctoral supervisors and 23 master supervisors of full-time teachers, 60.5% of full-time teachers holding doctor’s degrees; there are talents at provincial or ministerial level, including experts enjoying special allowance of the State Council, selectees in New Century Talent Plan of Ministry of Education, Academic and Technological Leaders in Chongqing, Eminent Teachers in Chongqing, Outstanding Teachers in Chongqing, Experts with Special Contribution to Chongqing, selectees of Chongqing Young Backbone Teachers Assistance Scheme; there is a Chongqing municipal-level teaching team for network and information security, and a scientific research and innovation team for network security and management among colleges and universities in Chongqing.

The school has reinforced scientific research platforms, and continues to improve itself. It has actively built research platforms and bases, such as 4 platforms at provincial or ministerial level, and an electronic evidence collection and preservation center at university’s level, including Chongqing Municipal Engineering Laboratory for Network and Information Security Technology, Humanities and Social Science Research Base, Network Social Development Research Center, Judicial Authentication Center, and Intellectual Property Center. In recent years, it has shouldered nearly 40 items of national scientific research projects, published over 30 monographs and textbooks, achieved over 10 teaching awards, and 10 scientific achievement awards at provincial or ministerial level, two national scientific and technological advanced awards, and 10 scientific and technological awards at provincial or ministerial level.

The school has enhanced industrial cooperation to improve its conditions. It has Chongqing Municipal Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, established a “Big Data and Network Security Laboratory” jointly with Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau and Qihoo 360 Scientific and Technological Co., Ltd, built “Electronic Data Extraction and Preservation Laboratory” and “Electronic Data Analysis and Certification Laboratory” with a set of functions including electronic data collection, analysis, evidence and preservation, found “National Information Security Application Base” jointly with Information Development Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, set up Digital Copyright Cloud Service Platform in cooperation with Chongqing Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, and launched Tencent-CQUPT Patent Contest in cooperation with the Tencent Inc. Its Judicial Identification  Center has the qualification for computers, communications, animal and plant genes, and intellectual property judicial authentication business, and meanwhile conducts external business, which has had good social benefit and effect.