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International college


International college was established in September 2008, is an important platform for schools to carry out the strategy of internationalization, performs the task of the international education management and teaching units. Is mainly responsible for study in the education teaching and management in China, sino-foreign cooperation in running schools run and international cooperation and exchange project implementation of the project. School administration office, teaching management and student office office.

    School recruit foreign students since the 1990 s, the Chinese government scholarship and chongqing mayor scholarship admissions unit, the principal at the same time set up in chongqing university of posts and telecommunications school scholarships to attract outstanding students to learn. At present, there are students from 56 countries more than 400 people in the school study, more than 50% of graduate students.

    International college school discipline advantage into full play and professional characteristics, innovative talent training mode, to cultivate high-quality compound talents with international vision and international competitiveness as the goal, through chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools in a project, introduce foreign high-quality education resources and integration. At present, the institute approved by the department in charge of education have three chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools project, the project is worth more than 300 students.

    College courses in have various levels of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, to provide Chinese language, Chinese history, Chinese culture, international relations and other aspects of the required or elective courses, at the same time set up all kinds of international training programs and cultural experience camp.