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Introduction to the International School. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications upholds the open running of the University, and set internationalization as an important development strategy of the University, has formulated scientific and rational international cooperation planning, set up various international exchange specific programs, and has been vigorously building up a platform for educational internationalization - the International School of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Founded in September 2008, the International School of CQUPT is an important platform for the University to implement the internationalization strategy and is a management and teaching unit that performs international education. Mainly responsible for education and management of foreign students in China, Sino-foreign cooperation programs in running university and the implementation of international cooperation and exchange projects. The International School has given full play to its academic strengths and professional characteristics. Through the Sino-foreign cooperation projects of university running, the International School has introduced and integrated the cultivation modes of innovative qualified personnel by overseas education resources of superior quality, to cultivate high-quality composite talents with international perspectives and international competitiveness. At present, the School has organized three projects of Sino-foreign cooperation in schools running approved by the educational authorities, with more than 600 students. The School offers courses on teaching Chinese as a second language at all levels and provides compulsory or elective courses in Chinese language, Chinese history, Chinese culture, international relations, etc. It also runs various kinds of international training programs and cultural experience camps. The International School in a spirit of pioneering, innovation and efficiency has effectively promoted the process of internationalization of the University. Tel: 023-62460666,023-62752993 E-mail:

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