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School of Foreign Languages


The School of Foreign Languages  is  amalgamated as one school.  It has a teaching staff of 88 members, including 8 professors, 27 associate professor, 8 Ph.D.s, 53 masters, and 10 doing doctoral programs, 80% among whom have studied overseas, in addition to 22 foreign teachers.  The school currently offer courses to approximately 20,000 undergraduates from other schools of this university, almost 3,000 non-English major graduate students, over 300 English majors, 300-plus students doing the ‘Sino-Canadian Program’ as well as 60 overseas students.  The courses like ‘Advanced English’, ‘College English’ have attained the title of ‘Premium Course’ inChongqing, and the ‘Public English for Graduate Students’ has become Chongqing’s ‘Outstanding Course’.   The school has distinguished itself in the realms of translation, cross-cultural research, and IT English plus its applications in the field of information technology.  It has also been recognized by its strength in language test and formal linguistics.  Based on these edges, the school is now devoted to launching the Master’s Programs.  The school has excelled in the students’ CET4, TEM4 and TEM6 grades among its domestic counterparts, the grades being well above the national average and topping the Chongqing’s list.