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School of Media and Arts

The School of Media and Arts is an arts specialty teaching and research institute set up by Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The School has effectively grafted the training mode of artistic talents with IT talents training mode, and adheres to the talents cultivation theory of "Excelling In Creativity, Authoritative With Works", and cultivates new-style media and arts talents that embrace high artistic accomplishment and media literacy, with skilled application of IT and digital technology for the scheming, creation and dissemination of information contents. With more than 2400 students enrolled, the School has 6 undergraduate majors set up, enrolling graduate students for Master of Fine Arts degree. It has established 7 teaching management institutions that include the Department of Film Director and Communications, Department of Digital Media and Animations, Department of Art Design etc., and five creation and research institutes such as CQUPT Creation Center for Film and Television, Design Center for Digital Media Arts and Institute Of Radio And TV Arts. There're at present 9 professors, 25 associate professors and 12 Ph.Ds. It is an municipal Innovation Experimental Zone for Training Mode of Digital Media Art Talents in Chongqing, Chongqing Demonstration Center for Media Experimental Teaching in Universities, Chongqing Construction Center for Featured University Disciplines and a laboratory jointly established by the municipal teaching team and the central government. The teaching building integrated with teaching, practice and research and the School  owns 26 digital art professional laboratories like high-definition studios etc. and more than 30 off-campus training bases. Has carried out talents cultivation cooperative projects with the colleges and universities in the United States, Britain and other countries through 3 + 1 +1, 4 + 1 training modes of bachelors and masters. Over recent years, she has published more than 450 papers in important publications such as Xinhua Digest and Literature and Art Studies;has presided more than 192 national, ministerial and provincial research projects and obtained 159 provincial and ministerial academic and research awards. Published 62 monographs and textbooks. Students have won more than 700 contest prizes in the "Challenge Cup" and "National College Students Advertisement Art Contest".

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