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School of Economics and Management


 With the well-integrated disciplines of economics and management, the school has been committed to producing high-caliber IT industry management professionals, catering for the local social-economic development.  The major is designed to train professionals with basic theory in modern science of economy and management, who know how to apply the information science and technology in business activities. Graduates are qualified for such positions as planning, design, implementation, operation, maintenance and management of e-commerce in enterprises (especially telecommunications enterprises), financial institutions, network operators, and government departments as well.

    The major is designed to train professionals with basic knowledge of management, economics, law, and marketing, who can to get engaged in marketing activities with the capability of research, decision-making, resilience, and pioneering. They should be familiar with the characteristics and operation of the market rules of the industry (particularly the information industry).Graduates are competent for such position as marketing and management in enterprises, institutions and government departments (focusing on the telecommunications industry) , and teaching and research as well.

    There is an increasing need on knowledge and skills on the web-of-things, cloud computing, modern communications, simulation, automation and other advanced technologies in modern logistics, so as to manage logistics information efficiently, optimize logistics system, and operate supply chain with excellence. Therefore, the students will be trained towardintegrated talents with concepts and methods of modern logisticsmanagement, knowledge of IT, especially integration of both. The students will be acquired basic skills of analyzing logistics information, operating logistics business. Students in the first 2 years will learn management theory, economics, mathematics, operations research, computer technologies, etc. Students will learn courses of logistics management and information technology in the third year and complete professional coursesandwrite bachelor thesis for conduct graduation design in the fourth year.