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Chongqing university of posts and telecommunications school of formerly 1964 wireless coefficient to study the educational research group and the cable is a physical educational research group, 2007 schools to implement in the domestic influential strategic target of research universities set up the mathematical institute, in 2014 changed its name to the faculty of science. School of existing staff 92 people, foreign experts 2 people, 22 professors, 33 associate professors, Dr. 41 people, nearly 20 m for high-end foreign experts in the state administration of foreign experts affairs, chongqing "one hundred plan", rivers, scholars have distinguished professor, technical academic leader in chongqing, chongqing, chongqing teacher colleges and universities talents support program and so on the title of talent and chongqing youth may fourth movement, the first top ten youth teachers and virtue pacesetter and other honorary titles.

    In recent years, the institute undertook the key project of national natural science fund, the sub-project of the national "973" project, national natural science foundation of China, the outstanding youth fund in chongqing, chongqing science and technology commission and provincial key projects, and more than 60; The first prize in the chongqing science, paragraphs 2 and third prize 3; Published more than 300 papers of SCI, EI retrieval, including ESI highly cited three papers; With, teaching material for nearly 20 works.

    College at present is equipped with information and computing science, mathematics and applied mathematics, applied physics and information display and photovoltaic technology, such as the four undergraduate and professional "physics", "system science" field, a master's degree in two level given point, 10 master's degree in secondary discipline given point, the level of physics for chongqing's "twelfth five-year" key disciplines; , chongqing characteristic information and computation science, has a professional, "mathematical modeling", "university physics" and "higher mathematics", chongqing three excellent courses, bilingual teaching demonstration course "college physics" chongqing 1 door, mathematical modeling, the physical and life ", such as chongqing boutique video public class 2 doors, the mathematical modeling of chongqing fine resource sharing class 1 door, refer "college physics" and "mathematical modeling and mathematical experiment and other colleges and universities in chongqing municipal teaching team 2," optical information material lab ", "basic physics experiment" central and local lab 2. In recent years, the college teachers presided over 3 national college students' innovative entrepreneurial training projects, four key projects of chongqing education teaching reform, 8 general projects; Won national teaching achievement award 1 second, chongqing higher education teaching achievement prizes at the 1 item, the second prize, 1 item of national small class teaching competition third prize, the national contest of multimedia courseware (micro) one third prize. College mathematical modeling teaching team to guide students won the first prize in the national 16 and 31 second prize,