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School of Biological Information

Relying on the "Internet plus", Big Data, Healthy China 2030 Plan and other major national strategies, oriented toward the rapid development of industries of smart healthcare and health information and other industries, adhering to the philosophy of "Innovation-Driven, Precision Education &Elite Training", taking "IT+ Professional "as the advantage of talent training, featuring quality of scientific and technological innovation, we strive to cultivate senior professionals that apply IT in fields of medical equipment, health information, bio-big data etc. The existing faculty is 49 teachers, among whom 28 possess senior titles, doctoral / master's tutors are 29, and 6 are talents at state and provincial (ministerial) level. The School keeps long-term substantial cooperation with IBM, The George Washington University, National Center for Protein Science (Beijing), Tsinghua University. The School have led and undertook more than 100 national, as well as provincial and ministerial scientific and research projects in recent years, issued more than 600 research papers, more than 200 of which are included in 3 major retrieval systems, 7 academic monographs have also been published, and more than 40 patent for invention have be authorized, the School also won 1 national scientific award. There are 6 provincial and ministerial key laboratories and engineering research centers, the unique innovative team for intelligent medical technology in Chongqing City, 6 central and local government co-established laboratories, value of instruments and devices reach 25 million Yuan, instrument and testing field for each student ranks top list of colleges in Chongqing City. A mass innovation space is founded, to encourage students to take part in innovation, entrepreneurship and each kind of scientific competition, more than 40 “Network+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students and other national award, along with more 100 provincial and ministerial awards have been rewarded. Enrolment rate have ranked number 1 of the University for many years, graduate rate, grade awarding rate and employment rate rank top list of the University. There is now master degree awarding center for first-level discipline biomedical engineering.

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