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School of Bio-information


The 21st century is the information technology and biotechnology, the excellences of the century, chongqing university of posts and telecommunications, taking advantage of the school subject information resources, was founded in 2000, college of biological information. Presently is equipped with a center "two lines" namely, department of biomedical engineering, department of biological information and experiment center; Have "biomedical engineering research center, bioinformatics, molecular biology laboratory institute and other research institutions; Judicial authentication center "and" animal and plant genes and the Red Cross ambulance training center in chongqing "etc. College adhering to the elite education, insist on "legislative quality, characteristic schooling, strong scientific research courtyard, the connotative development road" educational philosophy, to "professional + information technology" for the personnel training mode, practice ability and innovation ability of scientific research as the core, to "scientific class" and "2 + 2" double degree of China and the United States culture as the carrier and the superiority, has formed the digital medical design and high level of modern biological and pharmaceutical personnel training base. Continuous graduates recommend an exemption into scientific research team member of Beijing university, tsinghua university graduate school. Institute of biomedical engineering field, a master's pay level (consists of the secondary discipline direction: biomedical instrument, biomedical informatics, systems biology medical, biomedical materials and bioinformatics and computational biology), at the same time and in the other two brothers college secondary subject joint recruit training graduate students. Biomedical engineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical engineering four undergraduate majors. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical categories of culture, and the United States Nicholls State University to carry out the biological, chemical professional "2 + 2" joint training (double degree of China and the United States, Louisiana State tuition). Full-time undergraduate students in school more than 1000 people, full-time postgraduate 38 people, three students. Technical college of the existing provincial (ministry) level academic leader and a backup 6 people, master tutor and 26 doctoral supervisors. The staff of 45 people, including 13 professors, 14 associate professors, senior titles accounted for 72.9% of the total number of teachers; Dr 24 people, master's 11 people, and bo degree degree accounted for 94.6% of the total number of teachers; At Peking University, former member of pku xu zhihong, the university of Florida, director of the center for international biotechnology Vasil IK and 20 professors for our distinguished professor. Conditions of college scientific research platform is advanced, has a intelligent operation technology engineering research center of chongqing, chongqing medical devices quality and safety control research center, laboratory of molecular biology, institute of biomedical engineering, bioinformatics research center, institute of medicinal plants and other research institutions. School has won six central and local construction of the laboratory construction project, has more than 2500 ten thousand yuan of form a complete set of advanced instruments and equipment. Scientific research achieved remarkable results, in recent years, and bear the national natural science fund project, national "863" plan project, provincial projects more than 100, published over 500 papers, which are the three major retrieval systems, included more than 100, five published academic monographs, access to more than 20 national patents, one won national awards, many awards at the provincial or ministerial level. College attaches great importance to foreign exchange. Tsinghua university, university of Maryland, the George Washington university, Nicholls state university, genomics, Chinese academy of military medical sciences, and other well-known domestic and foreign scholars to our lecture and to cooperate. Relying on the school of information science background and advantages, and in the western region unique medicinal biological resources advantages, pay equal attention to theory and practice, teaching and research, production integration education. College adhere to "strive for virtues, erudite, realistic, innovation" the school motto, high-quality talent to cultivate socialist modernization.