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School of Software Engineering


 School of Software Engineering is the first demonstration software college, chongqing is the chongqing software talent training base and service outsourcing talents training base. College of software engineering specialty is the chongqing municipal and national characteristics, based on the software engineering discipline is the national first level 1 discipline of software engineering master's degree authorization centers and chongqing "five-year" key subject.

    School of Software Engineering has communication software engineering center, the central and local construction of laboratory, software engineering institute, communication institute of value-added service and the terminal software, software testing technology research institute and other research institutions, to provide a good software engineering undergraduate and graduate study scientific research platform. Institute for the national natural science funds, 863 plans, national \"fifteen\" research project, the ministry of science and technology, science and technology commission research project in chongqing, chongqing \"major projects\" and \"121\" projects such as major demonstration projects in chongqing more than ten; Won the first prize in national scientific and technological progress second prize, the chongqing technology inventions, science and technology progress prize of chongqing, chongqing young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution, and all the technical progress prize in science and technology, chongqing's first academic leader backup and China university of science and technology progress award, etc.

    In recent years, the school of software engineering with "internationalization" and "engineering education" as the tenet, focusing on specialty construction and teaching reform and innovation, and strengthen the foreign language teaching and international cooperation to provide \"+ foreign language\" training mode characteristic, efforts to develop the students' international vision; Pay more attention to the cooperation between colleges and enterprises practice training links such as, the training mode of \"3 + 1\" categories, through cumulative year enterprise project practice to improve students' practical skills.