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School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering


School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering was established in 2014. Based on machinery and electronic information and robotics;faced with industry 4.0, carried with characteristics and advantages of  information technology disciplines, School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering  was built to adapt information technology and industrialization development,  foster talented people with practical and innovative ability for the country.  The Mechanical Research Group and the Practice Facility of Chongqing University  of Posts and Telecommunications were established and organized right after the  university was built in 1959. Institutions such as the Department of Mechanical  Drawing, Post Engineering Department, Mechanical Department of Automation were  established one after another through 60 years’ development.

The school has disciplines of mechanical engineering in  Chongqing. There exist Mechanical  Engineering and Automation as the undergraduate major and Mechatronic Engineering and  Industrial Engineering as the postgraduate majors. The school has also  cooperated with famous domestic universities and research institutions to foster  doctoral students.

The school has a young teaching and research team, of which above 94%  teachers have doctor degree or master degree, one professor in IEC/TC 59/WG 16  and IEC/TC 59/WG5, 3 academic and technological leaders of Chongqing, 3 doctoral  tutorial professors and 2 excellent teaching teams of Chongqing. Meanwhile, the  school has invited 10 more known experts in relate fields as visiting professors  or part-time professors home and abroad. The team is full of reasonable  structure, strong teaching and researching ability and great innovation as a  whole.

The school focuses on fostering students’ innovative  ability and it has teaching institutions such as the department of mechanical  engineering, the department of machinery and electronics and the department of  industrial design. The Digital (intelligent) Manufacturing Training  Center built together by the central government and the local is towards  industry 4.0 and it has great teaching conditions and creates good environment  to develop students’ talents.

The  school has 2 major laboratories and they are Engineering Research and  Development Center of Information Accessibility and Chongqing Engineering  Research and Development Center of Information Accessibility and Service Robots  supported by the Ministry of Industry and Chongqing Engineering Research Center,  Sino-European Joint Laboratory for Intelligent Robots and Systems, Manufacturing  Information Center and Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics Research Institute,  etc.

The school has characteristics and advantages over such  directions as intelligent robots, vehicle electronics, Manufacturing Information, Modern design and CNC (Computer  Numerical Control) technology. The school  has great achievements carried out by major projects of National Science and Technology, International  Cooperation projects of Department of Science and Technology, National  Natural Science Foundation of China, and Chongqing Natural Science Foundation of China. As the core member  of IEC/TC 59/WG 16 and WG5, the school took  part in setting the international standard of performance evaluation methods of  mobile household robots. Therefore, the school has independent intellectual property rights for  service robots combined  with core technology for  information accessibility.

The School has been cooperating with many units such as  universities abroad (University of Hamburg, Germany; University of Essex,  England; Konkuk University, Korea; SunMoon University, Korea), research  institutes (Beijing Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences;  Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of  Sciences), enterprises (Changan AutoMobile; Chongqing Machinery &  Electronics Holding Group Co. Ltd; China Silian Instrument Group Co. Ltd; Wuhan  Huazhong Numerical Control Co. Ltd) and People’s Government of Dazu District  Chongqing. The School has also established many training and research  cooperation bases for students.