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School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Characteristics and advantages of information technology disciplines are well highlighted by the School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, to adapt integrative development of informatization and industrialization, by orientating “Made in China 2025” and “Industry 4.0”, lots of high quality talents with engineering application ability and innovative ability are cultivated for the country. The School has a key discipline for “mechanical engineering” of Chongqing City, major of 3-characterstics of Chongqing City for mechanical design-manufacture and its automation, 2 undergraduate majors for mechanical design-manufacture and its automation and mechatronic engineering, as well as 2 postgraduate majors for mechatronic engineering and industrial engineering. More than 75% teachers of the School possess doctoral degree, among which 3 are academic and technical leaders of Chongqing City, 3 are doctor supervisors. As well as 2 city-level excellent teaching team. The School has established Engineering Development Center for Information Accessibility, Engineering and Technological Research Center for Service Robot of Chongqing City and other engineering research centers of MIIT and Chongqing, there are also Institute for Intelligent System and Robot, Research Center for Informatization of Manufacturing Industry, Institute of Virtual Design and Simulation Technology and other scientific research institutions, central-local government co-founded Testing and Practicing Center for Digitalization (Intelligentization), Integrating and Innovation Base for ICT Producing and Teaching of MOE-ZTE. The School obtains significant achievements in intelligent robot, automotive electrics, informatization of manufacturing industry and other aspects, it has successively led and participate in lots of national scientific major project, international cooperation projects of MOE, Natural Science Foundation of China and other projects, it also take part in development of international, national and industry standards for household service robots. The School keeps long-term cooperation with Chang’an Group, Electromechanical Group, Silian Group, Huazhong CNC, Chongqing Dazu District and other enterprises and public institutions, and establishes many bases for students practicing and industry-university- research cooperation.

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