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Why Choose CQUPT

The top reasons to choose CQUPT:

1.Blue-printed and given priority to develop by the State.

2.Located in Chongqing city, one of four municipalities in China and a world’s biggest inland city.

3.Committed to giving our students the very best opportunities and education.

4.All of our courses are professionally accredited or developed in partnerships with relevant professional bodies.

5.Whatever the course, we have the facilities to fully support it.

6.Our academic staffs deliver an innovative curriculum and all staffs enhance professional opportunities by combining their own knowledge of develop practice with education theory.

7.We offer a wide range of scholarships for excellent international students.

8.The campus is situated in Nan’an tourist resort of Chongqing with fresh, quiet and beautiful surroundings.

Aa a fisrt year PhD student in Russia, BULANOV DANIL believed he need more and wanted to specialise in telecommunications and expreience different cultures, he choose CQUPT, due to the reputation of CQUPT in information industry and special Chongqing culture.

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So much to Know about CQUPT

We're committed to giving our students the very best opportunities and education. This means we give our students not only the qualifications but the skills and knowledge for their careers. 

1.1 campus locates in scenic resort of Chong City Center and covers area of 730 acres;

2.24,000 full-time students, including 3,000 postgraduates;

3.More than 2,000, including 160 professors, 400 associate professors,30 visiting or part-time professors from overseas;

4.We offer 53 undergraduate programs, 27 graduate programs and 2 PhD programs for international students. Besides, we also offer Chinese language studies program and short-term programs to international students.

5.47 research certers and 34 key laboratories;

6.Strong collaboration with industry in information technology and mobile communication;

7.Incubator for mobile communication technology;

8.Over 50 international partner institutions allow students to study dual degree programs, joint degree programs, or participate in short-term exchange programs;

9.Over 500 international students from over 60 countries studying at the university

10.More than 200internship bases outside campus