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Residence Permit Extension

According to the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, Students who want to extend visas must present an application 30 days in advance before the expiration of visas. Otherwise, the visa application centre can determine not to extend your visas. Students should be responsible for their visa refusal or illegal stay caused by not reporting to the university about the extension of residence permit before the deadline.

How to extend the Residence Permit:

Step 1:

Applicants are required to obtain the Registration Form of Temporary Residence issued and sealed by Nan Shan police station;

Step 2:

one recent passport sized photo and a valid receipt of Exit-Entry Photograph gotten from a local photo studio authorized for digital exit-entry photographs ;

Step 3:

The international students office issue the Residence Permit Application Letter with stamp and other official documents for the students.

Step 4:

students must submit all the above documents to the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau and collect the Residence Permit Progress Note.

Step 5:

Students are supposed to check the progress of Residence Permit handling by dialing the telephone number on the Residence Permit Progress Note. Once the Residence Permit is ready, the students need to pay for the processing fee of 400 RMB (for less than one year) by using a UnionPay debit card (cash is not accepted) and collect the passport at the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau. Normally it takes 15 workdays to get the Residence Permit back after the Progress Note is given.


1. Nan’ Shan police station: No9 Chongwen Road, NanShan street  
     2. Jiang Pan Photoshop  
 3. Exit-Entry Administration Division of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau:  555, Huanglong Road, Yebei District, Chongqing