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Visitor Regulations of International Students’ Dormitory

In order to standardize the management of the international students’ dormitory and provide comfortable and safe living environment for all international students, the following regulations are formulated according to related laws and rules:

1.This dormitory is for the accommodation of international students. Visitors should abide by relevant laws of China and regulations and rules of CQUPT.

2.Before entering the dorm, visitors should present valid identity documents for registration. Visitors without valid identity documents are not allowed to enter the dorm. The lobby in the dorm is the place for meeting visitors. Staffs working at the reception will inform the visited international students.

3.Visitors enter the double room should also get the permission of the visited student’s roommate if necessary.

4.The time for visiting is: 8:00 A. M.-10: 00 P.M.. Visitors must obey the visiting time and leave the foreign students’ dorm before 10:00 P.M.. Otherwise, the staffs working at the dorm have the right to force visitors to leave the dorm and inform related department and police station.

5.It is prohibited for the visitor to stay overnight or influence the normal study and life of international student’s roommate. If the roommate complains about the visitor, staffs working at the dorm have the right to suspend the visit and to restrict visitors’ access of the dormitory.

6.Visitors must obey the laws of China and various management regulations of CQUPT and International Students’ Dormitory.